Our Solar Energy Projects in the Northern Territory

We have a long and proven track record of delivering a complete solar energy service to help businesses and individuals save money and contribute to sustainable energy production. Find out more about our solar energy projects in the Northern Territory, by speaking to the team at Northern Renewable Group today. We’ll be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Mimi Arts Gallery Electrical

Northern Renewable was enlisted to complete an electrical system upgrade at Mimi Arts Gallery. As part of this project, we enhanced the gallery’s power, lighting, communications, security, and fire detection features. We supplied and installed a new main switchboard, metering panel, and distribution board whilst coordinating the new service connection with the local supply authority. Our team also disconnected and removed existing services in the demolished area.

From there, we supplied and installed new lighting and power based on referenced drawings. This included new exit and emergency lighting and power supply to mechanical services like AC units, fans, and other equipment. We also put in a new communication system with horizontal and vertical wiring and new security, soft wiring, and fire detection systems. With all of these upgrades, we supplied shop and as-built drawings and completed testing and commissioning to confirm the safety and quality.

Mimi Arts Gallery Solar

At Mimi Arts Gallery in Alice Springs, we installed comprehensive solar solutions with new panels and an eco-inverter. This installation included a Fronius smart meter, export limiting device, and solar monitoring with a five-year subscription. We supplied and installed the necessary railing and cabling protection as per CEC regulations. Then we tested and commissioned the solar supply to ensure activation of the fire alarm panel in the event of network supply loss.

Our knowledgeable electrical installers also supplied an operation and maintenance manual for formal handover with the site superintendent, plus onsite training and a certificate of compliance. We provided a complimentary onsite post-installation health and safety check to confirm the solar energy system was fully functional and operational.

Remote Concrete

Our expertise in street lighting and electrical systems was evident in our work with Remote Concrete, a civil works and concrete construction company. For this project, we disconnected and replaced the existing street lighting control box and supplied and installed new cable pits. This included the installation of 50mm and 80mm HD conduit into open trenches, plus cables to the new lighting location. Northern Renewable electricians carefully fitted each component to protect the building’s integrity and support a much more efficient power supply.

We also undertook comprehensive electrical services for Remote Concrete, in which we covered the supply and installation of type 12 footing, rag bolts, a 12m slipped-based light column, fused pit, and outreach arms. We upgraded the column internal wiring and modified the switch pack to match the existing street lighting. In addition, we installed and connected the luminaire and commissioned and tested the streetlights to check compliance.

Juice Capital Project: Hi-Way Inn, Daly Waters Install of Solar Array- 170Kw

The Juice Capital project at Hi-Way Inn, Daly Waters included the installation of a 170kW solar PV array system with Fronius inverters and Pylontech lithium batteries. Our electricians also installed Victron Quattro charge controllers/inverters and a cabinet server rack. We supplied an air-conditioned battery enclosure and wiring for grid protection in tough NT conditions, too.

Overall, the accommodation provider was pleased with our proficiency and professionalism throughout the entire project. We worked diligently to identify the main areas for improvement and install the best solar system for the site, with high-tech accessories to keep the energy supply as consistent as possible.

Aboriginal Hostel Limited

Commercial Solar System Installation

The installation was managed by Jake Groves (PM) and he utilised three NRG employees to complete the project on time and within allocated budget. This installation was a very straight forward install. The only challenge was ensuring all materials were available for the project due to Covid related issues that affected availability of supply. The customer was very satisfied with the quality of work and the documentation supplied at completion.

RAAF Robertson Barracks – Electrical Upgrade

Our team also completed a large electrical upgrade at the RAAF Robertson Barracks in Holtze. Built in the 1990s, this facility was ready for enhanced electrical supply. Our team got right to work, maximising the potential power with a high-voltage electrical reticulation system upgrade alongside other building works.

This included full electrical refurbishment of 13 LIA buildings and installing new lighting, power outlets, switches, and electrical pillars. We also handled the installation of new electrical reticulation across the site and put in a new earthing system, sub mains, and cable tray pathways. These upgrades greatly improved the electrical capacity of this major Australian Army base.

Roper Gulf Solar PV Installation- Combines 80Kw System

Our dedicated solar specialists have completed two separate commercial solar system installations at different locations for Roper Gulf Council. The council was very happy with the quality installation and cost savings of our first project, benefiting around 7,500 local residents upon completion, and so employed us to undertake the installation of a Solar PV combined 80kW system.

For the combined 80kW system, we supplied and installed the inverter with export limitation, as well as array solar panels and a new railing system. Our solar specialists also installed new cabling and circuits, completing the commission and test requirements before initiating Power water to install the new meter. With our expert solar design and installation, we were able to increase the renewable energy supply to this LGA in the Katherine region.

Randazzo Building Solar PV Installation - 60Kw System

Northern Renewable assisted Randazzo with a 60kW solar PV installation, including a new solar panel array, racking system for PV array, and LV/DC cabling system. We supplied and installed inverters, optimisers, and a smart meter for export control, all of which were tested in line with AS3000 and CEC requirements.

Randazzo Building Main Switchboard Upgrade

We completed a multi-metering CT main switchboard upgrade for Randazzo Building, which involved installing a new earthing system and cable tray path from the existing MSB to the new location. We also supplied and installed new sub mains, sub circuits, and panels. We extended all current sub mains and sub circuits to the new MSB location and completely shut down and re-energised the system to ensure it worked as intended. We coordinated with Power Water to disconnect and install new metering on a weekend and submitted as-built drawings, supplied COC, and tested as per AS3000 + CEC requirements.

Katherine Solar Farm

Northern Renewable Group partnered with Run Energy to complete this project.

This was a large-scale project for the Katherine area. Jake Groves was the Project Manager (PM) utilising a workforce of approximately 30 people.

Issues with this project were obtaining the required number of employees to adequately cover the scope of work and the timeframe for completion. This was overcome by working with agencies in Katherine and Darwin and advertising through social media and employment agencies. Great communication was the catalyst to being able to complete the work in the timeframe requested.

Northern Renewable installed a 38Mw solar farm, HV electrical reticulation system, combiner boxes, and DC cabling at this site in remote NT. In addition to the new LV and earthing system, we tested and commissioned the battery system, and we perform ongoing electrical maintenance for the site.

Excellent communication and management meant the works were completed in the outlined timeframe. Following previous works by Northern Renewables, the Katherine Solar Farm site quickly became the largest photovoltaic station in the NT with excellent sun exposure and protection from the cyclone-prone northern coast.

Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care

At “Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care” we installed 65 kW PV array comprising 158 Canadian 415 W panels. The array is estimated to produce around 275 kWh of energy per day, which is equivalent to power bill savings of $2,100 per month!

To ensure compliance with the relevant standards, the project also required the installation of a grid protection system. This system helps to maintain the safety and stability of the power grid by disconnecting all of the solar PV installations within the installation from the grid in the event of a blackout or major voltage or frequency transitions. This is in addition to the Anti-Islanding function of individual inverters.

The project utilized 2 x 20 kW and 1 x 10 kW three-phase Fronius Symo Inverters, which provide a total capacity of 50 kW. In addition, a central grid protection board was installed to ensure the system operates safely and efficiently.

Overall, the “Kentish Lifelong Learning and Care” solar project is an excellent example of how solar energy can be used to achieve significant cost savings and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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As you can see from our extensive project portfolio, Northern Renewable goes above and beyond to produce impressive results for every electrical or solar installation. We are proud to call NT home, and our work focuses on keeping residential, commercial, and industrial properties safe and comfortable with reliable air conditioning and electrical service. We tailor our services to suit each project, and we partner with Juice Capital for solar financing savings.
No matter the size or scope of your proposed solar or electrical project, we would love to work with you and show you why we are the top choice for power supply and installation services in NT. We are all about long-term, sustainable solutions that are better for the environment and your budget at the same time. Contact us today to discuss your site and how solar or electrical upgrades could make a difference to your site.

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